Friday, March 24, 2023

Weekend Readathon!


This might just become a new thing for me! Last weekend was what I would consider a rip-roaring success! So I figured why not try another one? So same thing applies for last weekend. I will have a stack of books I will graze they be!

I have several of the Sherlock Holmes short stories that I am wanting to read as well. Plus, I might also add to the mix a few others. I'll update as I go, of course! I am starting today but it's a somewhat busy day, so I don't expect miraculous progress! 

Friday Update: 

  • The Five Orange Pips (SH)-FINISHED
  • Started-The Man with the Twisted Lip (SH)
  • Started-Madam Bovary
  • (Already started) The Shadow of Theron (start page-8)
Saturday Update:

Woke up just a bit later than I had planned, but now I'm caffeinated and ready to dive into some reading before work! I'm working 10-3pm CST today, so a little under 2 hours to spend reading!

Starting with The Man with the Twisted Lip (SH)
  • Finished-The Man with the Twisted Lip
  • Started-Madam Bovary

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