Saturday, March 18, 2023

Weekend Readathon: Saturday and Sunday Edition


My lovelies! I've got work today (a 5 hour shift) and then it's FREEEDOOOMMM until Monday. I'm keeping my plate pretty much clear until then, so I can read a bajillion pages! 

To Start I plan on finishing A Scandal in Bohemia, maybe this morning. It is a short SH story after all. Then it's diving back into The Moonstone. 

After that, I'm not sure if I'll keep to the mystery theme with Murder at an Irish Bakery or jump into some fantasy? Who knows! I will update as I go today and tomorrow! 

Saturday Update:

I finished up A Scandal in Bohemia at about 7am. I still have a few hours before work, so I went right into The Red Headed League, another SH short story. 


Continued: Started today on page 53

Saturday Totals: 2 short stories and 21 pages of The Moonstone. 
-My dude and I ordered a pizza and watched a movie. I worked 5 hours of the day, so I am pleased with my progress. No work tomorrow, so I plan on getting a LOT read! 


I'm starting my reading at around 7:30 A.M CST. I plan to stay in The Moonstone for a couple of hours, then switch to Murder in an Irish Bakery (gotta keep that mystery theme going, I guess). Then after a bit of that I will flip back to The Moonstone. Yes, I know this just encourages my book A.D.D., but I can't help it!

Starting The Moonstone at page 75. 

Mid-Day Check In:

Loving The Moonstone! I took a short nap around noon, and went back to reading. I'm on page 183 now (as of 3:05 pm CST)

Haven't yet switched up yet. The story is getting soooo good so I may just stick to it all day! 

I did not finish the Moonstone. My eyeballs pretty much crapped out on me at about 935pm. I did make it to the halfway mark of the book! It is a pretty nice mystery/family drama. I think I'll finish it tomorrow! 

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