Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mini Reviews! Sherlock Holmes Edition


These reviews will be mini, because these are both short stories featuring the BSBs, so here goes! 

A Scandal in Bohemia is where we first meet one Miss Irene Adler, aka The Woman. She's smart, super duper smart and a super duper character. The funsies start when a King in disguise comes to the BSBs to see about getting a photo back from Irene Adler, he knew her as an opera singer a while back and had a little thing with her. Now he's set to marry and doesn't want anything to put a damper on that plan. Though Irene could be a problem. She's got some goods on him (the photo) that could potentially cause said scandal. He just wants the photo back. 

So thusly, the BSBs. 

The plot moves swiftly, the dialogue is on point. The frustration that SH has over being bested by The Woman is immensely satisfying and I loved it very much! This was a great story, and I gave it a 5 star on Goodreads. 

The Red-Headed League  

Okay, so this one didn't really grab me as much as ASIB, but I have to say after thinking a bit more about it I like it a lot more. It's simple, it's unique (for the time) and it was a bit of fun putting the pieces together along with the BSBs. 

So it goes like this. A pawn broker with RED HAIR, answers an ad in the paper trying to enlist men with RED HAIR to join this super selective group of men with RED HAIR. His assistant is the one that shows him said ad and encourages him to apply. So he goes to check it out and what do you know, he gets selected! He gets money every week for showing up for a certain amount of hours per day and doing what he's told..which is pretty sus to be but whatever. It doesn't interfere with his main gig, so he's all about it. This goes on for a bit and he leaves his assistant to run his shop while he's gone..since it's usually slow during that part of the day. Well all of a sudden the RHL is shut down. No word, no reason, just thanks for coming now go away!

So the pawn broker goes to the boys for help and thusly here we are. It's ridiculous, entertaining, and kind of obvious what was going on but also bewildering that no one in the story seemed to question what was going on (save for SH of course). In this one, it's not the "mystery" that was the star. It was the characters themselves and how when it clicked..they all facepalmed themselves..(at least that was what played out in my mind) at the end. 

I originally gave it a 3 star but after thinking about it again, I went back and upped it to a 4 star on Goodreads.  

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