Monday, March 13, 2023

This Week's Reading!

 Howdy! Long time, no post...right? Well, I've cut back on some things, rearranged some things, and now I think I finally have a "workable" schedule for things. Vague? Yup! No worries, what that means is you can expect more "reliable" posts from your girl from now on! Yay! 

So with that said, here be my book choices for the week!

I am working my way through the Complete Novels and Stories of Sherlock Holmes. I've already finished A Study In Scarlet and now I'm whittling through The Sign of Four. So that is my first one. Next I'll get into The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. I haven't started that one yet! I am not expecting to finish it completely this week (unless it just sucks me right in) but I want to get a nice hunk of it read.

I am teaching myself Latin and working quite a bit this week, so I will fit my reading in where I can. I do expect that this will be a challenge, but whatever! 

So what's on your plate this week? 

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