Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Post

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I'm so very very VERY behind on Christmas stuff. I have basically done like 1% of the shopping. My kid has a few little things in his stocking and NOTHING yet under the tree. My sister and her family are coming over THIS Sunday (logistics make Christmas day an issue) so I have to not only shop but clean and cook! Luckily she's going to be bringing the ham and pasta salad. Her pasta salad is to DIE for and my Brother-in-Law makes a ham that would make Gordan Ramsay cry it's so tasty! 

Anywhoo, this is our tree: 

 Yes, that is the extent of my decorations! We are going to get some lights for the poor thing and I may get some actual ornaments. The colorful things are cupcake wrappers with holes cut out of the bottoms. The white things and that thing on the top is our attempt at making and angel out of tin foil. My son and I did that. Redneck Christmas decorating at it's finest! lol

 Also, this week my Secret Santa showed up. Now I've been told that there is another part of this coming, but for now this is what I got. The day before the books arrived I got this box from UPS. No name or any indication of what it was or where it was from. I open it up and it's a 4lb bag of peppermints. I love me some peppermints, but I think I will be enjoying some minty fresh breath til I'm 60! :) 

I'm going to be doing the Rory Gilmore reading challenge in 2015, so these two books will help a lot! I love it! 

So that's my week. What about yours?  

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  1. Very creative with the decorations. All Christmas trees are beautiful aren't they.
    I hope you find time to get everything done and actually be able to crack open one of those books:)
    Here's my Sunday Post -


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