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Blog Tour: Daughter of the Fallen

About the Book:

Most sixteen-year olds aren't worried about the fate of their immortal souls. May Krieg should be.

Typically, honor student May's biggest problems have revolved around her super-hot arch-rival, Jack. But when a school project takes them ghost-hunting in a local cemetery, she discovers that an ominous force roams in the darkness around her.

And it follows her home.

It claws its way into her life, burning messages into her wall and imprinting them onto her body. Even worse, she can't tell if it's trying to possess her... or protect her.

May's thoughts soon become actions, causing the target of her anger severe physical pain and giving her a rush the likes of which she has never experienced.  She quickly realizes that she needs to find a way to reign in this power before she kills someone. May hates the pleasure it gives her, hates herself for hurting others, but she can't stop.

As her entire world shatters around her, she is forced to ask what her soul is worth-- and who would she risk losing her soul to save?

(For readers who enjoy: teen paranormal romance, teen horror, teen romance, nephilim, demons, YA, YA horror, YA paranormal, YA romance, ghost stories)

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My Review:
First impressions are pretty much a make or break for a book. I usually give a book about 50 pages to "hook" me. This one got me from the start and didn't wanna retract it's claws until the end! So
bravo Ms. Wynn!

The story is pretty fast paced once you get into the meaty bits. The first part is pretty good, but there are a few pages that seemed a little slow. HOWEVER, they are full of info about the main character, May, so they are super important.

The paranormal aspects of the book almost seemed secondary to the main character's relationships with her friends and with Jack. I'm not meaning that they aren't important, because man are they pretty much a big deal, but the May/Jack element was the bestest part of this book.

I do not like to spoil books, so I will be as vague as possible here. The ending got me. I cannot say how much I am anxious about the next book! I loved/hated the way this ended. Loved because..well I want more..and hated because..I want more! No fair!

So yeah, I have to admit that this book really surprised me. I can't wait for the next one!

About the Author

Madeline Wynn holds a master's degree in procrastination.  When she's not writing, she can be found ghost hunting, gardening and parading around her home state of Connecticut with her husband, dog and two kids.

Her latest book is the YA paranormal, Daughter of the Fallen.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and write such a lovely review! I am so very glad that you liked it!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading the book blurb and your review. This book sounds like such an interesting and intriguing read! I will totally have to add it to my "to-read" list.


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