Friday, May 2, 2014

From the Depths

Date Published: January 17, 2014

When Cameron Bishop III encounters something inhuman and horrible while working as a pool boy, he is suddenly tasked with saving the world from an evil older than the Earth itself. Working against him is the Order, a cult of unimaginable power and wealth led by an enigmatic madman. With his friends and family starting to believe that Cam may be going crazy, can he stop the plans of an ancient evil and its worshipers before they resurrect a living, breathing god bent on the destruction of life as we know it?

My Review:

I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm a horror fan. I love this genre so so much, and I have "taste tested" so many different types of horror story, so I feel confident in saying that this one was pretty darn good! I really liked the creepy/weird vibe I got from the story. Cam came across as a guy thrown into a heckuva crazy situation, but still managed to hold on to a little shred of sanity..maybe kinda sorta. 

My only faults with this book were a few little continuity snags. A few things kind of felt like they were forgotten, then remembered. Nothing terrible really, just a "thing" I have. The writing otherwise was pretty solid.

Also, your video game geek is showing. I got some survival horror game vibes from this..which is deeelightful.

James Haroldson

In my short time on this ball of rock and water hurtling through the infinite blackness of space, I've worked as a pizza delivery guy, a manny, an ESL teacher, a headhunter, a pool man, a sushi delivery guy, a journalist, and a second mortgage intern, among other things. Currently, I shill video games to over privileged children in Burbank, CA, so that I can pay my bills and still have a place to go home to and work on my writing.

I read a lot, but my greatest influences would have to be HP Lovecraft and Stephen King, both of whom I've been reading since I was but a wee lad who only understood half of what he was looking at. Despite my gruff exterior, I'm desperate for people to like my books, so my books.

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