Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick Review: The Tech Guy by Lia Fairchild

Emma Barton is a workaholic. Nothing is more important than becoming managing editor of the magazine she works for. And she has the perfect plan to achieve that goal. Then Guy Walker enters her office. Sexy, sweet, and super popular, the new tech guy takes the office by storm. Will he derail every strategy Emma has in place? If he discovers her secret, it could ruin Emma’s career and turn her life upside down.

My Thoughts:
This was a quick read for me. Definitely not a heavy serious book, although it does have it's merits! I enjoyed the story very much. Emma is quite a go getter! I liked that about her. She has a secret (as per the blurb) that she guards at all costs. This secret is what drives the story. You want to know what it is. You get little hints here and there, which is awesome. It keeps you kind of thinking about it and guessing.

I was entertained. There are some good characters here and a good story. I am not a fan of the cover, but I did enjoy the insides very much!

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