Friday, June 21, 2013

My Start Thing: Summer Solstice Read-a-Thon

So it begins! My day o' cramming in as much reading in a 24 hour period as humanly possible whilst also maintaining a job, a family, and my sanity! Yes! This is going to be super fun!

why yes i do sammy...a read-a-thon fetish (and apparently a supernatural gif fetish)

Anyhoodles, last night I added another book to my pile! I have a blog tour read for Shadow of the Mark and realized that I needed to refresh my brain on what happened in Carrier of the Mark. So there I go!

Update 1:
Book: Carrier of the Mark (ebook)
Pages Read: FINISHED
 Notes: I will be working during this time, but will squeeze reading in between.

STATUS REPORT: I finished 1 whole book in between working, cleaning, and all the good stuff that I have to do every single day! YAY! 

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