Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog Tour: Heavy Mental

A musician’s gotta eat, which is why rock guitarist Clancy Parker takes on side gigs as a private eye. When she gets a new case involving a stolen necklace, Clancy’s thrilled at the prospect of easy money.

The job turns out to be anything but. Soon enough, Clancy must dodge threats from disgruntled secretaries, unhinged society matrons and rampaging ice cream trucks. The only person who can provide answers about the necklace is her client’s sexy psychiatrist, but Clancy’s budding crush on him only leads to more trouble.

Eventually, Clancy must rely on all of her contacts – her stoner bandmates, her Socialist landlord, and her yoga-loving, flask-toting mother – to stop the thief from turning into a killer.

Author Bio:
I write cozies your nana might not like. Then again, that depends on your nana.

I have two mystery series in the works — one featuring the rock ‘n’ roll detective Clancy Parker and the other starring the erotic bakery entrepreneur Muriel Kovacs. The first novel in the Clancy Parker series, Heavy Mental, is out now. The first novel in the Muriel Kovacs series, Missionary Position, made me a quarterfinalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. It will be out soon.

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My Thoughts:
I LOVED Clancy! LOVE love LURVVVED her. She's definitely someone I could hang with. Pretty sarcastic, smart, and well she's a freakin' rock star..sort of. I loved how the story slides right on into the nitty gritty without feeling rushed. You get to know Clancy and her friends as she learns about her new case. There was no awkward info dump in the beginning, just you, Clancy, and the case.

I'm about to say something kind of obvious. I really enjoyed the characters in this story the most. They are all well written and developed splendidly! The plot is not bad but the character development is where this book shines! Pretty much everything about this book shines! It's certainly not a typical cozy mystery, so die hard fans of that genre might not be too stoked about it, but I for one really enjoyed my time reading this book!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad that you liked "Heavy Mental." If you liked Clancy, watch out during the next few months because she and the Marquee Idols will return in "Exile on Slain Street"!


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