Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Wrap Up Read-a-thon!

So interweblets! I love RATs (sounds gross but they are awesome)! I love them so so so much that I seem to find them all and join up! I like to call myself a RAT slut. (sounds even worse)  I am going to list a bunch of books that MIGHT wind up on my book plate this week. Check them out!

Top to Bottom:
  1. Mister B. Gone -Clive Barker
  2. Maisie Dobbs-Jacqueline Winspear
  3. Dare Me-Megan Abbott
  4. Creep (Not shown) and Freak by Jennifer Hillier
  5. This Dark Endeavor-Kenneth Oppel
  6. Saving Ruth-Zoe Fishman
  7. Speaker for the Dead-Orson Scott Card
  8. Going Bovine -Libba Bray (Finishing)
  9. Wolf Hall (readalong parts)
  10. The Pleasures of Men-Kate Williams
So thems my choices. Not even considering the possibility of finishing them all! My goal is at least 3 though.

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  1. I will be hitting Wolf Hall for the readalong this week also.


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