Thursday, August 30, 2012

BTS Read-a-thon: Day 4 and 5

Good morning my weblets! As you can see my "FULL SPEED AHEAD" attitude has waned a little bit. I'm definitely quite baffled as to why it seems the more I enjoy a book the slower I seem to read.

So anyhoodle, while it seems as if I'm slowing down and losing interest. I'm actually not I'm just really enjoying The King's Damsel. I do hope to finish it tonight though and move on to my next read!

Update 1:
Book: The King's Damsel pg. 122
Pages Read: 213

Update 2:
Book: Deception by Kris Kennedy
Pages Read:

Books Read/Finished:2
Pages Read: 459

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  1. I should have stopped by during the RaT, your posts were fun!

    I'm all finished, here's my wrap-up post.

    I missed my goal but did get over 1,200 pages


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