Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In Which I Admit Defeat

Oh, week. You started off with such promise. Such energy! I was greatly looking forward to the bounty you might have offered. Alas, you have conquered me! I must admit defeat. You won.

I am bowing out of the read-a-thon and posting for this week.

We will return you to your regularly scheduled programming again next Monday!

I leave you with funny. Also this store needs to marry me. I think we belong together.


  1. So sorry things didn't work out. Hope everything is okay. Gotta love The Bowie! *love*

  2. I'm not doing to hot on this readathon either, the last couple days.

    Shopping would be so much more pleasant if stores did give unattended children to the Goblin King!

    1. OMG! Your name! :) Sarah are you sure you're the Sarah from the movie? You HAVE HER EXACT NAME! :)

  3. Oh crap, where is this store. I need to abandon my children there for the day.

  4. Hope you have a good rest of the week and happy reading next week!


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