Friday, August 24, 2012

Read Up The Weekend!

So it's Friday. Yup, that magical day that leads us into two whole days of what might equate to FREEDOM for some or most..or whatever. My week started off in grand form, but then Wednesday my little person was infected with some bug that made him super not a happy camper! :( Poor kid. First week of school and already got the plague! *sigh* He slept, whined, and slept some more. Stayed home from Karate class on Weds. night, then slept, whined, and slept some more again on Thursday.


This morning he practically burst out of bed and demanded foodstuffs and school! I checked, double checked, then checked his temperature again this morning, no fever, so off to school with him! And so after being fed, watered, and clothed, he went off all smiles and back to his silly boy-creatured self.

So starts my lovely sorta work free weekend. My schedule has changed some so now I have a bit more non-work time during the weekend. I plan to fully take advantage by nerding out hard!

Here goes my goals:
  • Speaker for the Dead-finish
  • Saving Ruth
  • The King's Damsel
  • Deception 
Four books in 3 days? Can I do it? Probably not. Will I try? Hells yeah! I has weekend powahs!

Enjoy your weekend! It only happens once a week!

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