Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Going Bovine

Can Cameron find what he’s looking for?
All 16-year-old Cameron wants is to get through high school—and life in general—with a minimum of effort. It’s not a lot to ask. But that’s before he’s given some bad news: he’s sick and he’s going to die. Which totally sucks. Hope arrives in the winged form of Dulcie, a loopy punk angel/possible hallucination with a bad sugar habit. She tells Cam there is a cure—if he’s willing to go in search of it. With the help of a death-obsessed, video-gaming dwarf and a yard gnome, Cam sets off on the mother of all road trips through a twisted America into the heart of what matters most.

My Thoughts:
Oh man! This book! So random, so mind boggling, but oh so awesome! I loved it! I loved smart assed Cameron! I loved all the characters. All of them. I have never found a book where I could honestly say that each character was equally as interesting.

This is a hard book to describe. When I was reading it I got many flashbacks to the book John Dies at the End, even though they are NOTHING alike. I think it might be the trippy style that the book is written in. I loved every moment of it.

Now let me tell you something, this book is not only a trip, but there is a big beating heart behind it. Cameron is sick. He's dying. His brain is becoming Swiss cheese. You do honestly don't know what is going on, but it's okay. The journey is amazing.

Basically, read this book. Enjoy!


  1. I wondered about this one. Great review! I will definitely be picking it up!

  2. I like your review :D Here's mine if you don't mind:

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