Sunday, July 10, 2011

To the Lighthouse-Read-a-Long Week 1


Well I'm reading (or trying to) To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf with a group hosted by Wallace over at Unputdownables. See I've never attempted to read anything by Woolf. I am not sure if I am intimated...well strike that..I am intimidated! So far TTLH isn't really doing much to help with that!

There are some LONG winded sentences in this book! My eyes are going crossed every once in a while because of it! I'm trying to trudge through the initial info-dump that occurs in the beginning of books, but the sheer amount of characters being introduced all at once is astounding! I need a score card to keep up!

Okay with that aside, I can't find (so far) a single character I can relate to or like! I do not like Mrs. Ramsay. She's got no spine and anyone that would put up with Mr. Ramsay for too long isn't someone I can be fond of! She's a push over and well...not very interesting. Although this can and hopefully will change as I read along.

Mr. Ramsay..oh dear. What can I say without pulling out some colorful four letter words? He's a jerk. Obnoxious and full of himself. He's made me snort, but only in a "I can't believe he's made it to adulthood with that kind of attitude" way. Just not the sort of man I would marry and have tons of kids with. Just saying.

Well those are my thoughts for this first week of reading! I hope it gets better! I'm TOLD it gets better but I always give that kind of advice the side-eye til I see for myself!

Well Ms. Woolf...It's on!


  1. I had a tough time with this one, to be honest, for many of the reasons you mentioned. Not my favorite Virginia Woolf. (That honor goes to Mrs. Dalloway.)

  2. LOL @ giving it the side-eye. I'm right with you on that!

  3. This is a tough read and I've read some tough ones in the past. I'm just not connecting so far. I hope it gets better.

  4. I agree -- already being intimidated by Woolf, this book does not lend to calming one's fears! And to hear that her others are even harder - yikes!


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