Monday, July 4, 2011

It’s All About Independence Read-A-Thon Last Day!

So far it's been a great 'thon! I've had some bumps but in total I've finished 3 books and THAT is awesome! So for this last day I will try hard to go out with a BANG lol..see what I did there ;) It's July 4th..bang..get it?

Book: Divergent
Page Started: 44
Ending: 49
Notes: Why can't I just read? Why don't "life" and "food" get in the way? Boo!

8:00am-12:00 (noon)
Book: Divergent
Page Started: 44
Notes: I had my ups and downs at work today but I was able to get some reading in.

Book: Divergent
Started: 67
Ended: 82

And this would have been the time that our power went out! :( What a great 4th of July huh? No fireworks and no power! :( Booo!

We went out to see if we could find something to do and stayed out til about 8:30pm.

My Nook's battery had died so I let it charge for a bit..then finished Divergent!

End of the Day Totals

Time Read: approx.
Books Finished:
Pages Total:

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