Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Review: Deadline

So we all know that I am a Zombie nut..(if you don't know that by now do now!) I love me some walking dead! Last year I read Feed and was floored at how awesome it was! I found out about Deadline and immediately marked the release date in my calendar! THAT is how much I wanted this! I was NOT disappointed!

It is different then Feed, but in a good way! The world of Shaun and Georgia Mason has changed..(no spoilers here) there are new obstacles both dead and living. It's really honestly like Mira Grant is reading my mind...she knows what gets me excited about the genre and amps it up big time!

The characters are real and the plot is mind boggling..oh and don't get me started on how awesome the ending is! Eeekk! Was not expecting it at all!

Now we come to the last I recommend it...Hells yes! Much love for this series! :) Can't wait for Blackout! (may 2012)

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