Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Stuffs

Yesterday around lunchtime my computer decided to quit this world! It shuffled off it's technical coil and blinked its final blink. :( RIP Big Bertha! It was about 7 years old so we kind of figured it would happen but we hoped not so soon. I can't be without a computer. Not just for entertainment reasons but because I work at home. We were saving up but didn't have enough to buy a new one yet so we are renting one. So for now I'm good. :( I miss my old one.

Reading Plans:
  • catch up on To the Lighthouse read-a-long
  • Read The Emerald Atlas


  1. Sorry about your computer. May it rest in peace.

    I'm catching up on To the Lighthouse too. And Roots and....everything else in my reading and non-reading life! LOL

    I'm off to my monthly library sale today and Thor is playing at the $1.50 movie theater so I might go see that.

    Sounds like you're feeling better. Hope so. Have a great day!

  2. I'm still really tired but that's probably because we were up until late:30 getting this newer one up and running. :(

    Good luck at the library sale! Thor is pretty..that's about all of my opinion on it lol


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