Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Somethings: Or Me Geeking Out Over Read-a-Thons!

This ^^ has gotten me in a tizzy! I have so much geeky anticipation for this event! Really! I've got each day of this week planned out to help me optimize my reading experience! How nerdy is that? My BIGGEST is that on Friday (after school) we are going to let T (son) stay over at Grandpa's house for the weekend! That's right folks! I will have a kid free house for this RaT!! I am super excited about that! The last one I tried with him here and I failed at reading. I can't just plop his butt in front of the TV or the computer and be okay with that! It's cool in small doses but not for more than an hour and a half.

Monday -Friday I'll be getting my house as spotless as I can so I can concentrate on reading. I will be grocery shopping for snackage and drinks on weds (to cut back on the grazing that we would do if I got them today!) I will start tomorrow with getting my reading stack ready.

So what are you doing to prepare? Have you signed up yet? Are you going to be reading or cheering? ARE YOU AS GEEKED OUT AS I AM!?

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