Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Impromptu Read-A-Thon!!!

Everyone knows I'm a HUGE read-a-thon slut, right? I LURRVE them! So I decided to just do my own. I'm not expecting anyone else to follow along with me! But you know, what the heck right? I was bored and decided to try and make a cute little button to go along with my plans. I think it looks pretty spiffy..not the best but it'll do, right?

Anyhoodle, my 'thon will start on Oct. 28th at 7am (CST) and last til Halloween night at midnight! Woo hoo!

I'll have to think up some things..I might (if others participate) come up with some prizes and challenges, etc.

If you want to sign up use this linky thingy here:


  1. I so want to join, but I'm headed to Atlanta this weekend with the in-laws. Booooo. I haven't participated in a read-a-thon yet, and again, something has gotten in the way!! Argh!!

  2. Well it's not a strict all day thing. If you want to join up and just read a few hours with me that'll be cool! Either way have fun with the in-laws :)

  3. I LOVE read-a-thons. Yeah!

  4. Well, better late than never! I'll join now and there is still lots of time to read :)

    I lurveee Read-a-thons, too!!


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