Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Death Notice

There's a murderer on the loose. He seemingly picks people at random. He likes to slit throats and embalm people, then stuff them into homemade caskets and dump the bodies. Oh and he also enjoys teasing the police by sending a faxed death notice BEFORE he kills. All of this happens in the small town of Perry Hollow.

Kat Campbell is the Chief of Police of Perry Hollow. A smart and serious lady that takes care of business. Typically that business consists of settling petty disputes, writing speeding tickets, and the typical events that happen in a small town. That is until she gets a call about a casket laying on the side of the road and goes to investigate. That call changes her life and the lives of the citizen's of Perry Hollow forever.

This is Todd Ritter's debut! I honestly couldn't tell! I really enjoyed Death Notice! I thought the mystery was well crafted and VERY interesting! I kept going..oooh *insert name* is the killer! I just know it! ..Wait...nevermind. Back and forth, til the end. I never actually guessed the ending. That was great!

Todd Ritter kept me guessing all through the book! Definitely a must read for the Mystery fan!

Here is a trailer for the book:

This book is on sale today!

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