Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Spot Light and Future Review: Rise Again

About the Book:
It’s Fourth of July in Forest Peak, California, a small town on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Sheriff Danielle Adelman, a troubled Iraq war veteran, thinks she has all the problems she can handle in this all-American town after her kid sister runs away from home. But when a disease-stricken horde of panicked refugees fleeing the fall of Los Angeles swarms her small mountain community, Danny realizes her problems have only just begun—starting with what might very well be the end of the world. She thought she had seen humanity at its worst in Iraq, but nothing could prepare her for the remorseless struggle to survive a world overrun with reanimated dead and men turned monster. Obsessed with finding her sister at all costs, Danny’s epic and dangerous journey across the California desert will challenge her spirit, and bring her to the precipice of sanity itself.

My Review:

This was an excellent piece of Zombie fiction! Danny is such a kick-ass character! I loved how she was like the friggen Energizer Bunny! I think that her theme song should be that Chumbawamba song.."Tubthumping" would be the her theme song! (she gets knocked down but then she gets up get the picture, right?) The action is great! I hated those stupid Hawkstone guys! Grrrr!

I loved how this book was just proportioned all equally! Usually books like this are either heavy on the human drama and light on the horror/action, or vice versa, but this was well balanced! You felt for the good guys, you wanted them to survive. I seriously chewed my fingernails to stumps while reading this!

Loved it with a capital L!

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