Friday, June 4, 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge Updates

Well here I go! I'm not going to set a time goal on myself but I will try my best to read as much as I can this time! I've got my books laid out and ready and I'm excited! I'll do my best to check in every other hour or so with updates on how I'm doing, but I can't promise anything. I will keep my own log of my times/reading so I'll update it all at the end.

The Challenge goes from this morning til 7am Monday morning..I probably WON'T make it that far! LOL

I'm going to start at 7am CST. That gives me enough time to settle in, feed the kid, the cat, and myself and get started.

7:00A.M.-Starting Line-
Reading: The Art of Devotion by Samantha Bruce-Benjamin-100 pages read
9:00 A.M.-Break-did some housework and took a caffeine break :)
10:00 A.M.-Back to reading
Reading: The Art of Devotion-158 pages read
12:00p.m-The Art of Devotion-
---total hours read so far: 4 hours
Finished The Art of Devotion and have moved on to Blood Oath. I now have to take myself away from the computer so I won't update for a while. I'll keep score in my handy dandy notebook and update later! See ya in a bit!
Happy Reading!

I am back! Read some of Blood Oath then swapped out for First Daughter. Read about 100 pages of Blood Oath and 50 of First Daughter. Had to take a mini-break at 4:00 to snack and ingest more caffeine. So back to Blood Oath!
--total hours so far: (unless my calculations are stupid) 8 hours
Still reading along. Going to take an hour break for Grey's Anatomy! Then I'll get right back on with the reading! :) See ya in an hour!
Hey I'm calling it a night :( I have a family thing that just came up. :( I guess I made it 9 hours (ish)
I had so much fun though! I read two books! Yay!

To everyone still going strong, WOOT to you! :) Happy Reading!!!!!!


  1. Have a great time. Cheeeeerrrrrrrr!

  2. Good luck, and have a great weekend of reading!

  3. Have fun! I'm reading now too...started with an audiobook in the car and just now sitting down with my physical book. Can't wait to see how much everyone reads!

  4. Looks like you are off and rolling! Since you started today, you'll only have to make it to Sunday at 7 a.m. So doesn't that make it sound easier? ;^)

  5. Go, go, go! Sounds like you're off to a good start! I'm counting down 'til I get off work and can start my own reading!

  6. Wow, you are doing great, congratulations! Have fun and I will check back later.......

  7. Great start :) I'm pushing for a few more hours tonight, but I'll see if I make it {and if the kids allow me to}

  8. Nine hours for day one is fantastic. Keep it up!

  9. That's great!! :)

  10. Great schedule you posted there. I'll post my schedule when I'm all done, on Sunday.
    I know what you mean about calculating total time... I'll be double-checking my numbers too. I'm fairly confident, but I want to check it -- just in case.


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