Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick Review: Blood Oath

I know the whole "vampire" thing has been sucked (sorry had to) dry but this book..OMG...this book was awesome! I loved it completely from start to finish. This is exactly how vampires should be like! No sparkly sparkly, no lovey dovey crap, and no whiny little...*ahem* Sorry. Back to business. This book breathes a bit of fresh air into the genre. Cade is a kick ass vampire. He does have a little "Angel with a soul" (Buffy reference) kinda thing going on. Now he doesn't exactly have a soul, but he is cursed to protect the President and follow his and his officer's orders.

There is enough action and grit in this book to satisfy anyone! There is a spot of lovin' in the middle (ish) area..a little vampire nookie, but it's quick and dirty! Call me crazy but that was another plus for me. I'm kinda over the vampire/human love thing. Not that vamps are not hot but yeah..they drink blood. HUMAN blood. That's what they do. They don't feel love for their food.

So yeah, this book hit all the right notes for me. I obviously recommend it for anyone that loves a good vampire novel!

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