Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Into Horror Read-A-Thon

So...Yeah, I've signed up for two back-to-back read-a-thons. Not sure what came over me, but what the hell?! This one is brought to you by the awesome-sauce Michelle at Seasons of Reading. It's a week long thing and it does indeed run smack dab into Dewey's Read-a-thon, which I am participating in.  I have the weekend off (Saturday through Monday...woot woot!)

The only stipulation is that I have to read at least one horror book. I'm thinking I'll read The Fireman by Joe Hill. I'm not sure if this counts as a horror, but the blurb does indeed have the words "chilling," "Joe Hill," and "Stephen King." Resulting in my totally counting it as my horror selection.

I also have a back up selection, or if I gobble up The Fireman, my second book, Elizabeth Gaskell's, Gothic Tales.

Since I am not going to clutter up my blog with multiple posts for this thon, I will update here..unless that becomes too unwieldy then I will make another post.

Update the 1st: (April 18th)
Book: The Fireman by Joe Hill
Daily Notes: Today was super busy and weird. I came home and read a little then crashed like an old lady. :(
Daily Pages: 39

Update the 2nd: (April 19th)
Book: The Fireman by Joe Hill
Daily Notes: So my husband surprised me by announcing he was taking a new job...NEXT MONDAY! So my day was rocked. I knew he was interviewed and was considering it, but I figured he would have a two week notice and give us all time to adjust. No they wanted him to start right away. This is a great opportunity for him, and for us, but we both work for the same company and his quick departure was a shock to everyone. Plus, he has to leave Sunday night to go to another part of the state to train for a whole freaking week!
Daily Pages: 2 pages

Update the 3rd: (April 20th)
Book: The Fireman
Daily Notes: ....
Daily Pages: 88 pages

Update the 4th: (April 21st)
Book: The Fireman
Daily Notes: So my husband is not leaving for a week. That's great news...I did have to work til 8pm so I came home and ate and pretty much went to bed.
Daily Pages: 10? maybe.

I finished The Fireman for Dewey's but I'm counting it here too. 
704 pages worth of it! 

April 23rd is Dewey's so I will probably migrate my reading progress to this page for that day. 

April 24th, I may be dead. Reading coma, caffeine crash, and/or just plain dead from reading. I will squeeze as much reading into this day as I can handle. 

Books Read: The Fireman by Joe Hill, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass
Total Pages: 971

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