Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Drawn to Her (Southern Heat, book 1) by Jenna Harte *Review*

Blurb (From Goodreads)

Feisty and outspoken, Lexie McKenna will do anything to protect her cantankerous and ailing patient—even if it means going up against his cold and calculating, but sexy and irresistible, grandson. After all, as a nurse, her number one priority is her patient.

Drake Carmichael doesn't trust the nurse who's taking care of his grandfather—despite how adorable and compassionate she seems. He refuses to let her get her grips into their hard-earned money.

But as the two square off and begin to battle about what is best for the dying man, Lexie and Drake realize they know very little about each other and that first impressions are deceiving. Once they finally give in to their desires, the battle has only just begin.

With a fight between family and fortune, love and lust, will either one be able to find the southern comfort they both truly crave?

My Review:

I really liked Lexie. She's smart, compassionate, funny, and come across as a genuinely good person. I think she was the reason this book drew me in (no pun intended) so quickly. Her interactions with Oliver, her patient, are what brings that point home. Not only is she taking care of him and making sure his last days on earth are meaningful, but he's helping her (and his grandson) learn to actually live.
Drake took a bit to like and get to know. He starts off as the stereotypical rich snobbish dude, but then he reveals layers that make him incredibly likeable. He's not just worried about his money and company, but the actual people that he employs. A stark contrast to his brother, who cares only about the bottom line.

They share a somewhat instant connection and to see/read how their chemistry grows is pretty fun. Lexie isn't gonna start swooning instantly and Drake isn't used to wanting more than a casual fling. The way this relationship grows is quite lovely. It is sparky and delightful to read.

Jenna Harte has created two characters that are interesting and engaging. Lexie and Drake were both fun to read and well written. The side characters aren't just extra scenery and come across as real people that have more than just a passing part to play. The romance is steamy and the story was pretty darn good!! (This is coming from someone that doesn't consider romance as her genre of choice! So that says something!!)

Drawn to Her is book one of the Southern Heat series, and is out today (April 12th). I do think I will be picking up the rest of this series when it comes out. I honestly cannot wait to find out what's next!

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