Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog Tour: (Two Books) Laina Turner Mystery Romance

The Presley Thurman Mysteries
by Laina Turner

About The Author:

Who am I? It kind of depends on the day. I am a human compendium of unrelated things. I used to think I was just weird, had shiny ball syndrome and couldn’t focus, scattered, you name it. Then I decided it was OK to be all over the place as long as each avenue I wanted to explore had meaning and purpose or was fun. So I embrace the fact I am a college professor, a writer of fiction and non-fiction, promoter of other authors, human resource professional, business consultant, mom, and all around interesting person (according to my closest friends).

When I’m not working toward my goals I like, ok fine, LOVE wine, coffee, shopping, and books. I enjoy my kids, they are awesome. I hate the cold but yet live in the mid-west. Vegas is one of my favorite spots as I love to people watch and if I ever get married again it will definitely be in a drive through chapel by a fake Elvis.

My Review: (Books Aren't Just For Reading):
Books Aren't Just for Reading (A Trixie Pristine Novel)
Laina Turner writes some pretty fun books! For this blog tour I have had the pleasure of reading two of her books, and let me tell you they have been so much fun to read! This one was just the ticket! It's got a nice mystery and a great sense of humor! I love when a writer can balance out a nice suspense with some witty humor! It really shows off not only the writer's talent, but a love for her characters.

This story was a nice quick but juicy read. I really thought Trixie was a fun character that is full of life! She's smart, loyal, honest and easy to love. Her friends are also very nicely written. No character felt flat, which is not an easy task to accomplish in a short book like this! I really enjoyed this read, and hope that the rest of the books are just as good!

My Review: (Athena's Holiday)
Athena's Holiday (The Athena Parks series)
This was a fun quick read! Not the most believable, but still pretty fun and sweet! Athena is a single woman, and in order to NOT look pitiful she brings a strange man (Tristan)  home to her family, for the holidays. She's a smart gal, but still risks the dangers or appearing like a spinster to her relatives or bringing a homicidal murderer home. The part where you have to suspend your disbelief if that everything turns out pretty good. That is until her Uncle recognizes him as someone other than who he claims to be. Uh oh! Right? Don't you wanna know what happens? It's HOOKED me at this point. The problem is a cliffhanger. :( Which is a good tie in to the rest of the series, but sucks if you want to know RIGHT NOW what happens. 

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