Monday, September 9, 2013

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-Thon (and first day totals)

This is a great RAT that seems no stress (woot) and will help me get all caught up like on my TBR! It's huge! Anyhoodles, I'll be reading (and writing reviews) as I go along. If you want to join up then click the stacks of books up there^^ and sign up!

Twittery stuff:
The 'thon will be using hashtag #TackleTBR on Twitter for updates and tweets. My twitter id is @lexley

I will probably post an update a day. I'm still working this week so it's probably not going to be a big ole metric crap ton of reading, but I'll do my bestest!

Book Stack:
Going Through the Notions
The Curse Giver
Wild West Sucubus
The Viscount's Vow
Agnes Grey (Read-a-long)
The Invisible Tower
The Seven Swords
Death of a Schoolgirl
The Nine Fold Heaven

So there! That should cover it!

(Day 1)
Books currently reading: Agnes Grey (read-a-long)
Today's finished books:
Total finished books:
Titles of finished books:

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