Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly Reading Menu Aug-7th-14th

Well since this week is going to be rather interesting with school starting and our schedules basically getting turned all topsy turvy; I'm kind of at a loss for what I should be planning for this week.

I have three read-a-longs that I have going all at once so that is definitely on the plate starting with:
Mists of AvalonAugust 7th-14th: ix-xi, 3-60 (Prologue, Chapters 1-4)
Sense and Sensibility (Tor Classic) Ch. 8-16
and The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive) catch up all the way to part 3!

After that I have 
VeiledEbook (blog tour)

and Voiceblog tour

I think this should be plenty for my weary Mommy brain to handle! If I get anything else read then i will be astounded!


  1. How are you liking The Mists of Avalon? One of my top ten favorites!

    My boys are supposed to go back on Thursday, but it's a half day and then they're off on Friday for teacher in-service so the "official" first day isn't until Monday. Isn't that ridiculous? We're in Michigan and I wasn't cutting our vacation short just so they could go to school for a 1/2 day and then be off for a long weekend. Sometimes the schools just do not make sense at all!

    Did you finish To the Lighthouse? I just cannot get into it. I'm not even half way through. It is just one of those books that I have no desire to read. Terrible, I know! Are you doing Wallace's next read-a-long? I have the book so here goes another attempt. She is seriously going to start banning me from her read-a-longs. =O)

  2. Well I haven't really gotten too far into MOA yet, but so far I like it very much!

    I didn't finish To the Lighthouse :( I just couldn't get into it either. I don't know I still have it on my nook so I'll maybe try again some other time but not now!

    I am going to skip her read-a-long this time. I'm reading MOA, The Way of Kings, and Sense and Sensibility *all read-a-longs* so I think I'm good LOL


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