Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Self Imposed Read-a-thon!

Yup! Starting today at  11am CST, I will have the house to myself from 11am-3:30pm (when kidlet gets home from school.)Yesterday I had a random burst of energy that I used to clean, clean, oh yeah... and clean. So I don't have any housework stuffs to do! So I figured I'd use this time wisely instead of how I normally handle it (by napping, playing RIFT or watching TV.) I am off work tomorrow as well so my Random Self Imposed Read-a-thon will start at 11am and run until tomorrow night at 12am (midnight.)

This will be my starting post, my update post, and my finish line! I don't wanna be too ridiculous with this!

Wish me luck!

  • Start Time (1): 11am (Cst)
  • Book: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
  • Page: 170
  • End Time: 1:00pm
  • Ending Page: 257
  • Notes: I'm loving this book! I had a phone call that distracted me for a bit but other than that and a load of laundry I've been reading :)
  • Start Time (2) : 1:00pm
  • Book: Ready Player One
  • Page: 257
  • Ending Time: 3:00pm
  • Ending Page: 374
  • Notes:  This book OMG I loved it! Nerdtastic! 
To celebrate the end of my first book in this self induced read-a-thon I give to you a musical interlude...because of the nature of the book and that I myself am a big fan of Gaming I present to you....*drum roll*

      • Start Time (3) : 3:00pm
      • Book: Unwind by Neal Shusterman
      • Page:1
      • Ending Time:7:00pm
      • Ending Page:143
      • Notes:  Have to cut the internet time now. I will continue keeping track until I go to sleep. :) I had to cook dinner and help little man with homework and of course have some family time! Unwind is a very unusual type of book. Not sure what I think of it actually.
      I will keep track of my reading progress offline then update it all tomorrow morning. I'm going to most likely start at 8:00amCST.

      • Start Time (4) : 7:20pm
      • Book: Unwind
      • Page:143
      • Ending Time:9:40pm
      • Ending Page:335 (finished)
      • Notes: I was flagging near the end of this hour..
      • Start Time (5) :9:45pm
      • Book: The Body Finder
      • Page:1
      • Ending Time:10:05pm
      • Ending Page:15
      • Notes: I went to bed at roughly 10: 15 lol...

      Day 2 Progress:
       (My time has been delayed and my reading is slow! The West Memphis Three Are being released *hopefully* today! I've bene watching the live feed)
        • Start Time (1)-2:00pm
        • Book: The Body Finder
        • Page:15
        • Ending Time: 9:00pm
        • Ending Page: 328 (finished)
        • Notes: I read on and off from 2-9pm. 

        Total Progress:
        Books Finished: 2 and 1/2
        Pages Read: 886

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