Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: The Eyes of the Dragon

The Eyes of the DragonAbout the Book:
A kingdom is in turmoil as the old king dies and his successor must do battle for the throne. Pitted against an evil wizard and a would-be rival, Prince Peter makes a daring escape and rallies the forces of Good to fight for what is rightfully his. 

My Review:  

I like Stephen King. I like his horror novels very much! However hard I've tried to like some of his other forays into different genres, I did not. At least not until I read The Eyes of the Dragon (published originally in 1987)  This is an excellent and exciting romp into the fantasy genre for King.  I remarked MANY times to my husband that he should write more books like this one! I loved the way this book flowed. It felt like you were sitting down in front of a fire place and listening to your Grandpa read you a story. I have a sneaky feeling that the narrator was supposed to be Stephen King himself, or at least that is what we were supposed to believe. He's a tricky one that Stephen King.

Each character that graced the cast in this book was someone whom seemed very real. They came alive on the page and the world became solid. I felt for Peter and Thomas, brothers at odds with each other, both vying for the love of their father the King. Thomas being slow witted and trusting, and Peter being of strong mind and body, both are awesomely written and fleshed out! You want so much to give Thomas a big hug and help him overcome his insecurities just as much as you want Peter to succeed to the thrown and make the Kingdom great! 

Flagg of course we cannot forget about him. True to his usual business, it seems SK likes to recycle names a heck of a lot! I've seen the old stereotype of  wicked Wizard before, but somehow Flagg is much more. He's evil but not cartoonish, like in some stories. He's definitely someone that I wouldn't want to run into on the street. I felt sorry for the way he pulled the strings of the King and Thomas. He made them into his own little puppets plus many others. His evils weren't limited to just "recent" times, as he had been at his nasty work for many many years. 

I devoured this from front cover to end! I honestly loved it and think that if you are a Stephen King fan and/or a fan of the fantasy genre then give this a read! It'll be worth it!

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