Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Reviews

I enjoyed this take on one of my favorite writer's life. I know that McNees took some liberties but I still loved it! I thought that McNees did a good job making Louisa "come alive." There is enough romance, angst, and heart to grab anyone's attention. My humble opinion of this one is that it was a solid read. Very well done and enjoyable. I gave it a 4/5 rating.

Ugh! This book! It broke me! I started reading and from the first page just knew it would destroy me. I am usually not into love stories like this but it broke through my steely barriers! I loved the characters so very much! Lily was a very well written character. I'm Southern so of course I love that it was set in Georgia (my neighboring state!) I loved all the country references! The story was just dripping with emotional turmoil! Ugh..I will admit to shedding a little tear now and then whilst reading. The ending is bittersweet but beautiful at the same time. I loved it so much I gave it a rating of 4.5/5! Great book! Read it!

This was a second chance read. I had tried and failed to read it about a month ago, but due to some personal issues I didn't finish. So I decided to give it another shot. The book is quite interesting. It takes a bit of time to get into but once you do you are hooked. I found myself lost in the story and growing fond of the characters. The writing style is a bit of a challenge to "grasp" (at least for me) but if you keep pushing on and get used to it you will be delighted. It's not my typical read. It's a political satire but like I mentioned before I enjoyed it and look forward to more from Mr. Fox. I gave it a 3.5/5! A very good read!

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