Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog Tour-Hellbound Hearts

In 1986 Clive Barker's The Hellbound Heart was published. That book was the inspiration of the Hellraiser movies. I LOVE the horror genre! The creepier the better if you ask me! This book, Hellbound Hearts is a collection of stories that take their inspiration from the novella. There are 21 bone chilling tales that are bound to keep every horror fan happy.

I was a giddy girl when I heard about this book! I love Clive Barker and this book was just awesome! Each story was tied in some way to the original book (which I highly recommend reading.) There are some amazing talents in this book! My favorite story was The Confessor's Tale by Sarah Pinborough and the creep-tastical Wordsworth by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. The latter is done in a grotesque style comic book that just sent shivers down my spine. I loved the artwork and the story was just ...*shudder* very good!

Call me nuts, but each October I find myself just wanting to hunker down with a good horror novel that has me chewing my nails! These twisted stories had me craving more and definitely got me in the mood for more horror!

So if you like horror novels and love getting creeped out then grab this book and read it. I'd recommend reading it at night when you are alone..just to set the right atmosphere! Enjoy!

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  1. Me too! October always brings out the ghoulish fetish in me. That's why I am enjoying this genre right now.


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