Friday, August 21, 2009

Philosoraptor Say What?

Okay, once I've reviewed Knit For Love, I won't have another book tour read for a while, so I'm a little stumped. I'm wondering if some of you lovely people have any suggestions for me? What to read? Watch? Etc. After starting my job I've kinda fallen out of the loop, so I'm not 100% on what's out right now and what's "hot." It will seriously take me a few years to plow through Google Reader! So throw some titles at me!


  1. I'm not just trying to promote my contest, but you should totally read I am the Messenger. It's such an amazing book!


  2. Lol, I love the name of this post. You so funny xx I'll try to think up some books fer ya.

    ETA: now I'm laughing because my verification words was "dikette" I think I need more sleep


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