Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Review-The Tears of Mary

About the Book:
(from Amazon)
Austin Brock is a typical Indiana farm boy who grew up in the mid nineteen seventies, handsome, hardworking, and raised with a strong religious foundation. But Austin was not content with spending the rest of his life shoveling silage; he aspired to see what more the world would offer. Never in his wildest dreams could he imagine what his future had in store. His ticket off the farm came in the form of an acceptance letter to Notre Dame. Notre Dame was where Austin befriended and also betrayed the trust of his roommate Tommy O'Shea. Tommy was also a farm lad, but on a different scale, the O'Shea's were a wealthy aristocratic family from Ireland. All was well until Tommy confided in Austin and revealed a secret only known by a select few families or clans in Europe and parts of the Christian community in the Middle East.The "secret" is an unwritten lore of great biblical significance, revealing a priceless gift of unbelievable beauty, and mysterious powers. However you will find out this beauty was not meant to be seen by all eyes. Little did Tommy know that his trusted secret would end up in print, get Austin in hot water with the University and end the boys' friendship. The betrayed roommate would leave his American counterpart and return to his homeland, little did Tommy know that the secret lore he shared with Austin would come back to haunt his Irish family.Austin would go to Ireland a few years later to find Tommy, not as a friend, but as a United States Navy Seal; he would be working in conjunction with the C.I.A. and British intelligence.Apparently, Austin wasn't the only one who found out about Tommy's Irish lore. According to secret intelligence one wealthy treasure hunter is willing to fund terror groups in return for finding and retrieving this priceless bounty. Worse yet, some intelligence suggest that reward for this treasure will be paid not in currency or bonds, but something much worse. The "much worse" part is why the United States and England are frantically searching as well.

My Review:
This was an interesting tale! I am very thankful to Mr. Sweeney for allowing me the pleasure of reading this book! It was entertaining AND thought provoking. I'm not a religious scholar but I find the mysteries of the Bible very intriguing so this was right on the mark for me! If you like books that combine all sorts of genres (mystery, drama, religious intrigues) then this is a book for you! I'd highly recommend it!

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