Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Mid-Week Check In


Hullo! So this week is chugging along well! I didn't do a Monday post, simply because the books I'm working through are the same this week too. 

So far so good: I've finished up The Fellowship of the Ring and have gotten a dent in The Two Towers. 

My goals this week:

  • Finish the Two Towers
  • Get a nice chunk into A Christmas Carol 
  • Try to squeeze in some Crime and Punishment (I realllly want to finish this book this year!
Real life stuff has been a bit stressful. I have a very ill family member that I'm helping to take care of. My work schedule has changed plus it's the holiday season. So STRESSSSSSSS! But I want to hit my goals! 

How's your week going? 

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  1. Taking care of an ill/invalid family member can be stressful, especially in the long run. I've been doing that for a year now. Tagging along while slowly adapting is the only way, I guess. And always squeezing some time to read & blog is my only consolation so far. Hopefully everything gets better for you, and have happy reading! :)


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