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~Believers: Truth In Deception by Tamara D. Taylor~ Young Adult Blog Tour

Title: Believers: Truth in Deception
Author: Tamara D. Taylor
Publisher: Tamara D. Taylor
Pages: 330
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Mary lives in a world of the future where an anti aging drug has torn society apart, creating an insurmountable divide between the wealthy and the poor. Her life is thrown sideways after she receives an unsolicited promotion at work, which leaves her as assistant to one of the most notorious playboys of the wealthy elite.

Mary struggles to find solid footing in a world that drastically conflicts with her humble upbringing. Her moral compass is tested as she finds herself falling in love with a man she knows she should not trust,  compromising her relationship with her childhood sweetheart.

After her life is threatened, she fears for her safety and that of her family. Will she be able to guard her own secrets to prevent even further danger? Will death be the consequence of falling in love with the wrong man?

“This is a great book. It contains a world that is dark and focused on the comforts of the select elite and a world of hope and love for those less fortunate... all coupled with action and anticipation. Great combinations in my opinion! I can't wait to read the next book!”
-- California Mom

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This book was pretty darn fun from the start! I loved the world building and the character development! I felt like the story was fresh and definitely a good entertaining read. The writing was solid and a great new addition to this genre. I do have to say that YA has been swamped with books that rehash the same plot, but this story came across as a different voice. I loved that! 

The book is a quick read that totally grabs your attention from the start. I loved Mary's story and was rooting for her from the beginning. She's very well written and you almost instantly understand her motives and actions. I thought everything about this book was well done and I am definitely awaiting the next one! A great YA read! :)

Tamara D.Taylor was born and raised in the East Bay of California until she moved to Omaha, Nebraska to attend Creighton University. Today, Tamara still resides in Nebraska where she and her husband, John, are raising their five young children.

A life long lover of all forms of the written word, Tamara is an avid reader, and has been writing short stories and poetry since elementary school. After watching her son struggle with succeeding in school, she decided to finally write the novel she had been thinking about for years in an effort to show her son that no dream is too big to achieve. 

Her latest book is the YA, Believers: Truth in Deception.
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