Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Winter's Respite Read-A-Thon: Goals and Updates (STICKY POST)

Here be my goals for this read-a-thon! I will also rub maple syrup on this post and make it all sticky so I can use this as my update post for the whole thing! Good job with the logic, Melissa! *self fives*

So what shall I be reading? Good question!

Not my typical selections, but should be fun. I have a nice stack of other books I may try to get to if I finish these first!


Monday Jan. 27th
Book: Shifty Magic, A Love Unfinished
Pages: 165 pages
Finished: 1 book (Shifty Magic)

Tuesday Jan. 28th
Book:  A Love Unfinished, Recruitz
Total Pages: 423 pages
Finished: 2 books (Shifty Magic, A Love Unfinished)

Weds. Jan. 29th:
Finished Recruitz
Snow storm kind of messed me up on tracking pages and updating! I'll fix this later :)

Thursday Jan. 30th:
Book: How to Love
Total Pages: ??
Finished: 3 books!!!!! Shifty Magic, A Love Unfinished, and Recruitz!

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  1. Glad you're with us again, my friend! Loving your humor and the Dean gif. Love me some Dean. Did you watch last night's episode? Good one.

    You are already rocking the reading, I see. Keep it up! Hope to see you at one of the chats.


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