Saturday, February 23, 2013

Squee-a-thon, Read-a-thon Has BEGUN!

My Stack looks as such:
  • Battle Royale
  • Frost Fire
  • Rebel Heart
  • We Have Always Lived In the Castle
  • This Book is Full of Spiders
  • At First Touch (Ebook)
  • The Savage Boy 
I shall start with Battle Royale.

 Update the 1st:
Book: Battle Royale
Pages Read: 122 pages
Notes: Not the most impressive BUT I worked 11-3pm, cleaned a little bit, played with the kidlet, and ate mexican food. Anytime I can stuff my facehole with cheesy rice stuffs and massive amounts of chips and salsa, I am a happy humanoid.

I'm that good.

Update the 2nd:
Book: Battle Royale and Frost Fire (ebook)
Pages Read:

  There is a mug! OMG!

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  1. Battle Royale was my favourite book of last year! Loved it!! I listened on audio, and it was fantastic!!


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