Friday, September 21, 2012

The Next Couple of Weeks



      2012 Reading Challenge


          2012 Reading Challenge


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So you see that? 11 books behind! Not a happy face I have right now! :( I really want to make my goal. SOOOO with that being said..I have decided that the next two weeks will be spent plowing my way through my review copies and library books! Yes, it doesn't sound like much of a challenge, but considering I have been reading on average 1 measely book a week I think it's challenging enough FOR ME !

My List: 
  1. Wuthering Heights
  2. Dash and Lily's Book of Dares (Ebook)
  3. Splintered (ebook)
  4. The Dead of Winter (ebook)
  5. There Goes the Galaxy
  6. Vlad all Over
  7. One Came Home
  8. Easily Amused
  9. Through to You
  10. Sophia's War
  11. Innocent Darkness
  12. The Hiding Place
  13. Incarceron
  14. Under the Dome
  15. Xenocide 
This will catch me up and give me a nice stockpile of reviews! If it looks like I might can add more to my list (probably not but who knows!?) I will add more. My plan is to write and schedule the reviews as I go along. This way my blog doesn't sit quiet while I play catch up! Oh and this list is in no particular order. These were just the books sitting on my desk staring at me...mocking me.

Wish me luck!


  1. I've been at the 'measly book a week' point recently too. I really want to carve out some quality reading time for myself (like at work now the shop's quieter, and by winding down properly at night instead of ploughing on with chores or interweb stuff until the last minute) and read some great books this autumn! At the moment, the pile includes Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Generation Dead and a few others, so I have plenty to go at! Good luck... :)

  2. You could be 32 books behind, like me. ;O) Oh well, I might reach it and I might not. I know I'm doing an awful lot of reading the rest of the year so it might be possible. Good luck to you. You can do it, girl!


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