Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spotlight and Giveaway: Deception

A dashing con man
Breaking and entering to reclaim her corrupt late father’s ledger comes surprisingly easily to Sophia Darnly. But is it mere coincidence that her misdeed unexpectedly reunites her with Kier, the outlaw lover who abandoned her years ago?
A lady skilled in trickery
Time has not erased Sophia from Kier’s heart, nor tamed her fiery spirit. She boldly insinuates herself into his plans. But Kier is on a mission of revenge, and can’t allow even the woman he once loved to stop him.
A game that could get them both killed
The danger mounts as they lure the leader of a powerful consortium who needs the fabled Darnly ledger—and all its damning details about the wealthiest merchants of England— to execute his nefarious plan. Their rekindled passion burns hot, but when they discover they too are the targets of a deadly deception, the fate of their love, and of England itself, lies in the balance.

This book didn't hook me. I did not finish it so I am passing it along to someone that might enjoy it more than me! :) Please use the rafflecopter below to enter!

  • US only (sorry I'm sending this on my own dime and I'm poor lol)
  • 1 copy available
  • Giveaway starts 6am CST on the 12th and ends at 6am CST on the 16th
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