Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Sunday Salon

So from now until the new year I plan on reading as much as possible, and getting my blog all scheduled up! I want to get a nice steady queue of reviews scheduled, so I am holding off on the review posts (unless it's an obligation) until around then. I will still post, but probably won't be so regular! Trust me 2012 is gonna be good!

So don't forget to check out my giveaway for Eden: A Zombie Novel that ends tomorrow! 2 lucky winners will get a copy (US only.)

I'm also considering a personal read-a-thon. I think that it will help me get those reviews piled up and ready for the new year! Don't you? Plus hey...any excuse to read my butt off I'm gonna take it! So that's my plan..look for it tomorrow for the "official non-official" start.

Today I'm finishing up:

  So far this has been pretty good! I am seeing why there are TONS of positive comments and reviews about it! Woot!

What are you up to this Sunday?


  1. Good luck in your reading and reviewing! I think a readathon would definitely do the trick! I could go for a large-scale readathon again in the near future...they're so much fun!

  2. I like getting organized, too. I set up some pages on my primary book blog for challenges, reading for 2012, etc.

    Good luck on your goals!


  3. I'm thinking of doing the same thing to my blog. The new semester starts the second week of January and life will be too hectic for a little while to blog. Good luck on getting reviews written and books read!

  4. Have fun with your self imposed readathon. I'm also trying to get my blog caught up, with some posts scheduled as I head into the new year.

  5. I checked Smoke and Bone out from my library but haven't had the moment to read it yet as I've seen it posted on several sites. I like your blog title, which is something I need to do, so I can move along to the next good read. I have so many books and need to get caught as well on reviews. Thanks for stopping by Little Library Muse and entering the giveaway...good luck!


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