Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blog Tour: Eden


About the Book: 
Inside its walls, a community of survivors scratches out a terrifying existence.  Outside, hordes of undead pound relentlessly against the barriers and rattle the gates of the humans' last sanctuary-- Eden.

Overnight, the world transforms into a barren wasteland ravaged by plague and overrun by hordes of flesh-eating zombies.  In the aftermath of the gruesome destruction of New York City and its inhabitants, a small band of desperate men and women stand their ground in a fortified compound in what had once been the outer borough of Queens. Those who built the walls of Eden fell prey long ago to the undead…those who remain survive by sheer determination, camaraderie, and human ingenuity, making forays into the outside world through the network of pipes under the city streets.

Harris—the exceptional honest man in this dead world—races against time to solve a murder while fighting to maintain his own humanity.  Ultimately, the danger posed by the dead and diseased masses clawing at Eden’s walls pales in comparison to the deceit and treachery Harris faces within.

My Review: 

First things first, I love zombies. My love of them is requisite for each and every review I write on this blog. I gorge myself on the genre when I can and love every dripping, gory minute of it! I state this not to show my "zombie cred," but to demonstrate that it takes a lot to irk me or turn me off of a book pertaining entirely of the creatures. Now with this disclaimer, I will start my review.

I like the Dawn of the Dead type style of this book. You get the stories from various different characters, all surrounding one in particular. That is awesome. It helps the reader "see" how things got to where they are. All good and groovy, BUT the first complaint I have is the way this is done. I'm not sure if it's the format that irked me a bit or what, but the bouncing from one time frame to another without any clear indication ahead of time is slightly jarring. It brings me out of the story and sort of flailing around trying to figure out who is doing what and when. It kills the delicious immersion I love so much about these books.

The characters are not at all cut and paste. THIS was a winning point. I felt like such care and detail were given to everyone from the main guy Harris to even the briefly seen, zombie. Nice job to you Mister Monchinski! Well played, sir. This is a big sweet plus sign for Eden.

Now the idea that the main character is racing against the clock trying to figure out this big puzzle is just awesome! To know that HE knows his doom is coming, well that just clenches my gut and had me hoping that a miracle happened.  Harris had his flaws, but it seemed that deep down he was a good guy. You want him to beat the odds.

I liked the book. I was a bit upset about the ending. I won't ruin it but it does feel really hurried and rushed. You KNOW what is going to happen but when it does it's like "bam!"

So long story short. This is one to put in your collection if you are a zombie freak like me. It was good, not the greatest but it has it's merits. I will possibly look out for the sequels.

EDEN: A Zombie Novel (Gallery Books; on-sale December 6th; Trade Paperback; $15.00)


  1. Great review! I haven't heard of this one before. The cover is so scary! But of course, it totally fit with the theme :)

  2. Great review! I haven't heard of this one before. The cover is so scary! But of course, it totally fit with the theme :)


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