Thursday, December 1, 2011

Second Annual Holiday #Readathon Update Post

You know me! I can't say no to a read-a-thon! I've signed up and so can you! Just click on the button and go at it!

There are tons of challenges and even a very special one! The mini-challenge set up by the hostess of the 'thon, Liza Wiemer, is hosting a challenge that goes like this:

1. Pledge a penny or two or three (or any amount you want!) per page that you read. Put a minimum number that you will pledge. For example: 100 pages – $1.00. And then donate the amount to your favorite charity.
2. ANY type of donation for the holiday season – a can(s) of food, book to a library, Toy for Tots, gently used books or clothes donated to a shelter, school – qualifies. Just list it. (Feel free to come up with your own ideas!)

..Isn't that awesome? I'm going to try and do both. I think this is an awesome way to help out the community and spread good cheer!

So far there seems to be about 15 other challenges so there's bound to be something awesome for you!

My Goals:
  1. Participate in at least 5 challenges
  2. Read at LEAST two books! 
  3. Participate in the chat on Twitter (#readathon)
  4. Oh yeah! Have fun! 
My books:
  • Plague of the Dead
  • Black and Orange
  • Arcadia
  • Dust and Decay
  • The Night Eternal
Some people have started a bit early so I'm going to hop on that bandwagon right now! I won't be able to stay up too long, but I will get some reading squeezed in!

12/1 :
Book: Plague of the Dead by Z. A. Recht.
Starting Page: 63
Ending Page: 94
Total: 31 pages

12/2 :
Book: Plague of the Dead by Z. A. Recht.
Starting Page: 94
Ending Page:204
Total: 110

12/3 :
Book: Plague of the Dead by Z. A. Recht. (FINISHED)
Starting Page: 204 (PotD) 1 (black and orange)
Ending Page: 303 (PotD) 32 (black and orange)
Total: 335

12/4 :
Book: Black and Orange by Benjamin Kane Ethridge (Finished!)
Starting Page: 32 (B&O)  1 Dust and Decay by Jonathan Maberry
Ending Page: 423 (b&O) 55 Dust and Decay

Total:954 pages



  1. so glad I saw your post....missed this to sign up

  2. Good luck on the readathon! How did I miss this one?

  3. I've just joined the Holiday Readathon yesterday. I almost missed out the fun!! Plague of the Dead sounds very interesting! Great pick! Thank you for sharing it!

    Happy Reading!

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