Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankfully Reading Weekend Read a Thon

Yay! It's read-a-thon time, ya'll!  There's going to be all kinds of fun! A weekend to read, eat leftovers, and veg out (unless you have to work like me but still!) There will be mini challenges and chit chat over on Twitter using the hashtag #thankfulreading

So catch me there @lexey
My list is pretty simple..I'm going to read. I have to work this weekend but I will cram as much in as I can! My goal is 2 books! :) 

I will use this as my update post:

1st Update:
Book: Dearly, Departed
Starting Page: 138
Ending Page: 174
Total: 36

2nd Update:
Book: Dearly, Departed
Starting Page: 174
Ending Page:183
Total:  9

Yesterday was a bust! Too much work and cleaning to distract me! Maybe today will be better?

3rd Update:
Book: Dearly, Departed
Starting Page:183
Ending Page: 246
Total: 63

4th Update:
Book: Dearly, Departed
Starting Page:246
Ending Page:


  1. I am not on Twitter but I will be reading. One of these days I will have to get brave and join Twitter. Good luck on your reading!

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  3. Good luck with Dearly Departed! I'm trying to polish off Seize the Day - a book I started back in June but never got around to finishing!

  4. Two books, that's good. That's better than most people in a weekend...with work or without. Myself, I don't have a goal: just read and we'll see what happens.

  5. Good luck on your reading! My goal is to read at least the two books I have due tomorrow at the library.

  6. Good luck on your reading! I can finally start mine now that the shopping craze is over!

  7. I'm almost in Heaven - just reading, blogging, and eating leftovers! I'm thankful I don't work in retail anymore!

  8. You're doing great! So glad you joined us for Thankfully Reading Weekend!


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