Friday, November 18, 2011 Review and Giveaway!

Yeah so the awesome sauce people over at were sweet enough to let me review one of their shirts! You know I've been reading posts about them and seeing what they had to offer, so you know I was excited! Beyond belief! I mean seriously! They have an awesome selection that's bound to please every one in the world! Well maybe not everyone but get the point!

It was plum hard to decide which to choose. I spent nearly an hour going through and looking! I started in the Novelty T Shirts mainly because well they are cool. I clicked and poked and searched until *sounds of angels with brass horns trumpeting my victory* I found it! The Zombie T Shirt section!

**This is not me. Obviously. Hopefully you knew this. I did get this shirt though, and it is glorious!**

First things first, these people are fast!

Shipping: Super quick on the delivery! I was not expecting it to arrive as fast as it did! So they get plus points for that! I got a size large, but I am seeing I should have gotten a medium instead. That is all on ME.

This shirt is a thing of beauty!  (Hey we all have our own standards of beauty. This just happens to fall under mine!) The colors are vivid and the design is very nice and well done. The fabric is soft and definitely cozy.

All in all my experience with this company was excellent! Every step of the way was easy and convenient and FUN! So do I recommend? Heck yeah! :) 

The Lovely People from CrazyDog have extended a great offer to me and my itty bitty blog! I am able to host a giveaway for a $15 dollar giftcard giveaway! Say What!? Yup, 15 whole dollars of awesome to be put towards the purchase of a super groovy t shirt!

So how do you win? Hmm That's a good question. Fill out this form to enter!

**technical thingamabob**
  1. Please note that winners cannot have received a promotional item within the past 90 days, or own a review/giveaway blog of their own.

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