Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Cheat River Three by Scott Baker Sweeney

Cheat River Three is inspired by Sweeney's Father and his exploits as a young man growing up in Virgina. It's not exactly a biography, but more like a fictional romp interspersed with details passed along from his Dad.  This story is about the bonds of friendship between three young people that grow and change as the years progress. It had a sort of "Stand By Me" feel to it at times, which is great!

Just as with his other stories, Sweeney knows how to hook a reader and keep them flipping pages and gobbling up his words! I have to admit that I rarely get into the "feel good" books, but this one really caught my attention and kept me wanting to know more about the characters. Eugene, James, and Kat are all wonderfully drawn characters that seemed real and familiar. Their exploits and stories will have you laughing and crying the whole time.

This is a touching story that I thoroughly enjoyed! I'm honored to have gotten a chance to read such a tender story.

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