Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jane In June Read Along

After dilly dallying around about this I finally decided that I'm going to pop my Jane Austin cherry! Yup, I have to admit I have never read a single one of her books. Well let me take that back..I've never finished one! So what better way to do it then to join along with other people?

The discussion dates and all that doesn't look too bad. I have the book already on my Nook so I am just going to read it when I can and keep up that way! :)

Discussion Dates:
June 1st: First impressions + Chapters 1-17
June 8th: Chapters 18-29
June 15th: Chapters 30-42
June 22nd: Chapters 43-51
June 29th: Chapters 52-61 + Final thoughts


  1. I signed up for this as well! :) Such a great idea!

  2. Yay! I hope you like it, I promise we'll make your first Jane as gentle and enjoyable as we can...


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