Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog Tour: Summer Fit Workbooks

About the Book:
Summer Fit is the first workbook series in summer learning to take a multi-dimensional approach to what its creators see as an opportune time for today’s parents to reinforce and create well balanced and prepared students for the school year ahead using a combination of book and computer based learning. The Summer Fit series provides parents with workbook activities based on national standards in reading, writing and math, a daily fitness program designed by school coaches and trainers and core values activities using historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman and Mother Teresa. On-line resources include bonus activities in reading, writing and math, interactive on-line games that review basic skills, fitness videos to show children and parents how to properly perform daily exercises, and access to family friendly movies to reinforce core values.

“I use a values-based approach to coach 10-12 year old girls in track. Regardless of age or sport, children need to learn what it means to have courage and determination but also to be kind and generous. Whether you are coaching or teaching, it is increasingly important to help children develop socially. Summer Fit is a great resource that incorporates values with learning and exercise that will positively impact the over all development of a child.”

Catherine Raney-Norman
Speed Skater for USA
US All-Around Champion 1999, 2002, 2003

My Review: My son is 7 and is entering into the 2nd grade next school year. He's slightly more advanced academically than his peers, so he's always needed mental stimulus. I literally jumped when I was offered the opportunity to review this workbook!

We received the 2-3rd grade book to review. I immediately knew this would be awesome for him. There are sections a day with exercises and math and reading pages. These help keep him fit physically and mentally. I let him read through and he BEGGED me to let him do some of the worksheets! He wanted to go online and see what the website was like (at this time it's not up yet, but it will be on June 1st.)

The work sheets progress from basic to a little more challenging. I like this concept and will use it during my son's summer months. I think this would be a great and fun addition to a summer homeschooling curriculum or just to help kids retain what they learned in the previous year!

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May 11- Acting Balanced
May 12- A Good Day To Read
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May 17- Winning Readings
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May 27- Must Read Faster
May 30- The Readathon
June 8- SMS Bookreviews
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